Three instructors of the 2014 camp staff: Fiorite, White, and Westervelt


    The Millon Lacrosse Camp 2014 staff has been chosen from the top U.S. and International players as well as some of the nation’s best college and high school coaches. They have been hand-picked based on their ability to teach and relate to the campers.

    Our teaching methods are numerous and will include private sessions, games, full speed demonstrations, as well as our own secret tips. Also included are exciting guest speakers covering topics such as athletic diets and recruiting.

    The Millon Lacrosse Camp staff features and 8:1 ratio and rivals any camp in the U.S. with its ability to teach, relate to campers, and provide a fun learning environment. Some of the players listed below will be appearing at your camp. Millon Lacrosse always tries to hire the best player coaches, not players. We’ll be sure to bring you the best in 2014!

    2014 Staff

    All World Paul Rabil
    NCAA Tourney MVP Eric Lusby
    All America Joel White
    All MLL Scott Rodgers
    Team USA Drew Westervelt
    All America Tyler Fiorito
    MLL Cannons Kevin Buchanan

    *(Headline staff will session to session. We will also announce our top NCAA players spring ’14)

    Medical and Safety Staff

    Each session is staffed with a director of safety and full-time certified trainers. An EMT or nurse is on-site during all daily activities and a doctor is on call for the duration of camp.

    For all overnight camps, a Director of Security is employed to watch over the campers while not on the field. The DoS will take charge of the kids while dining, relaxing at the dorms and during free time.

    Instructor Rabil showing lacrosse techniquesInstructor Kyle exemplifying lacrosse techniques to a camper