• “I just wanted to send a quick email to say how great this camp was for my son Mason. He really opened up and learned so much about playing the game right. The staff was awesome especially Buddy and Tyler. They are a great asset to the camp. I can’t say enough about them and the care they showed. I will definitely recommend this camp to all I know! Thanks again!”

    Mike Canner

    “Both of my sons had a ball at camp. They learned a lot and are anticipating returning next year. Benjamin, won a dance contest, which was an absolute hoot!Upon arrival at the end of camp I was approached by at least two of the leaders to say how well my sons responded to directions and that they were such good boys and players. Those kind words melted my heart! Thanks for creating such a wonderful atmosphere and safe environment for learning more about a sport that my sons live to love!”

    Patrice Tolble

    “Thought you and your instructors should know this…

    Connor plays for an Elite travel team… United Lax…. He just finished his winter training and at his last session… He did something powerful and Rick Beardsley. (the head of the league and 4x All American) came running over to him and asked him “Connor, where did you learn how to do that?”
    His response was Millon Sleep away camp last Summer.

    He was very impressed and I thought you at Millon should hear that.”

    Michele Daly

    “Wanted to let you know that we saw Grants Millon camp coach Travis Crane this weekend at Penn State. Grant had texted him to say we were coming up to see hus brothers and also the psu vs Michigan game. Travis went beyond the call if duty after hearing that. We met him for lunch on Friday followed by a tour of all if the facilities , meeting the coaches , and watching a practice. Grant and 2 other high school lax visitors (who he plays with on dukes lc actually) even got called into the team huddle to be introduced to the team. We went to the game on Saturday and got to see Travis in action. So fun. Grant was in heaven.

    Thanks for running your camps that lets young kids connect with the college players. That was the spark that ignited Grants experience at Penn state. Truly awesome.

    See you in a couple of weeks!”

    Lisa Ament

    “Sorry I have been a little slow in getting this out but I just wanted to say thanks. Despite the crummy weather all of my boys had a great time at Millon and haven’t stopped talking about since coming home. They are already all jacked up about coming back next year and have already started in about possibly enrolling in both Farmingdale weeks. Many of my first time “over nighters” are jealous that their parents didn’t let them sleep over last year. I look forward to forging an even stronger relationship between Hauppauge Lax and Millon in the coming years.

    Thanks again for everything and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.”

    Chris Savarinoa
    Hauppauge Youth Lacrosse Director

    “I can’t put into words how much Mark’s camp has helped my son, Mylek. I first fell in love with lacrosse as an 8th grader, but divorced her as a high school senior to accept a football scholarship to The Ohio State University. The quality of the camp and Mark’s constant presence made this the best camp I’ve experienced. Thanks, Mark, for helping me find my lost love for the sport of lacrosse and passing it on to my son. As Mylek continues to improve, it will be because of the quality of Mark’s instructors and counselors. His love and passion for the game definitely make this camp worth the drive from Virginia.

    Mylek and I send our best wishes and we look forward to seeing you again next summer.”

    Scottie Graham
    Regional Director, NFLPA
    Retired NFL Player

    “Thank you for your special support! Since everyone has safely returned to Japan, I’ve been told that they enjoyed your camp a great deal and the amount of lacrosse knowledge the attained was incredible. I believe this should be very good both of American and Japanese players. I would like to continue this wonderful program in a future.”

    Kosuke Mitsumoto
    Keio University-Tokyo, Japan

    “We just wanted to thank you for making the camp such a wonderful experience for him. His first words in the door were, “I’m going back next year!” I think that says it all.He really learned a lot, had an incredible amount of fun, met new friends, and now has more confidence in his skills. He’s been carrying his stick around a lot these past couple of days.”

    Mike and Linda Barnett

    “I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a GREAT experience your Ohio Camp was for my 13 year old son Stanley. From watching him and listening to him during the drive back to Kentucky and last night he learned more in four days than I could ever imagine. His coaches told me he took advantage of every extra help session and the whole camp raised the bar for him about competitive lacrosse. He came back fired up and talking like a coach. I sincerely hope you come back to Ohio next year because there is no doubt Stanley will be back. He is attending a camp next next month at the McCallie School but yours is hard to top. I am President of the Lexington (KY) Youth Lacrosse Association and at our board meeting next week I will tell all the coaches, etc. about my son’s great experience at your camp.”

    Mark Sievers

    “Just a follow up thanking you for an awesome camp. My son Brice and several players from the Grosse Pointe, Michigan Jays grade 8 team attended the Ohio Wesleyan camp. The staff was great and the players had a great time, learned many new techniques, and improved their lacrosse skills. My son taught me some D techniques when he got back! They especially enjoyed your demonstrations.”

    Thanks again for an incredible camp experience.

    “I had a really great time this year at Millon Lacrosse Camp and I’m definitely coming back next summer. The coaches were awesome and taught me to play with confidence. Next year I want to have all of my teammates come so they can learn as much as I did.”

    Jay Manfre, Age 15

    “Every day our boys just seemed to have more and more fun. We love the Millon Camp because they take such good care of our kids, we know they are safe and are getting a ton of individual attention.”

    Bill Tracy, East Meadow, NY

    “Just wanted to relay a message of sincere thanks from my two sons Griffin and Noah Jenney. They travelled from Melbourne, Australia to attend your lacrosse camp, and had a geniune “blast”! They said that they played more in one week then they play in three months in Australia. They played their first game since returning to Australia last week and I can see that their skills and confidence have developed significantly. Most importantly, you provided a safe enviornment for them to learn and just have fun. Thanks again for making it a valuable experience. Griffin and Noah will be attending your camp next summer when they travel back to visit their grandparents in late June. Until then, best of luck.”

    Eric Jenney
    Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
    Melbourne, Australia

    “Just wanted to say thank you for the summer camp, my son attended and had the greatest time, he will not stop talking about it. He is starting high school this year and claims to have learned so much from you guys. he even claims the food was great, the rooms were clean and the whole campus was beautiful. Thanks again for the great summer, good luck and we will see you next year.”

    John McCullough